Technology and Innovation

In order to operate at our highest level, PlayMakers relies heavily on advanced technology both on and off stage each season, ranging from state-of-the-art video projectors to current FCC compliant communications systems to our industry-leading customer relations database, Tessitura. These tools require annual maintenance and training and often incur unexpected expenses for repair and upgrades. Funding for these and other on-going projects keeps us at the forefront of the latest industry trends and provides our students with real life experience with top tools in our industry.

Making Progress

A drug with potential to treat COVID-19 symptoms is moving to human clinical trials.

The New Normal

UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media students, faculty and staff are innovating to connect our community online and continue education remotely.

Planning our future: Carolina Next

Carolina Next represents the areas and opportunities that will make the biggest differences for our campus community and the people of North Carolina.

Harnessing PRINT

"I think at the end of the day, we learn the most from those we have the least in common with."

Virtual Lung Project

At UNC-Chapel Hill, a team of researchers, including Rich Superfine, see a path toward eliminating lung disease.

Clean Water for All

“From chemistry to physics to engineering, if we all team up, we have the expertise to tackle this.”

Born and Bred

“How you choose to give back enriches your whole life.”

Mapping Carolina: County To State

Mapping how Carolina makes an impact through research, scholarship and innovation to serve North Carolinians, from the mountains to the coast.

Redefining concussion protocols

Born out of tragedy, one of Carolina’s premier exercise science research centers has grown into a national leader for concussion research.

Combating Concussions

There are a thousand ways service members can receive mild traumatic brain injuries during training and active duty. Ten years ago, basic concussion testing protocols didn’t account for the intense activities required of this population. UNC researcher Karen McCulloch has worked to change that

From Cancer Patient to Volunteer

“In this position I feel like I’ve been given a purpose, and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity before. To be a part of cancer therapies, even my own, is a very special thing.”

stem innovation for inclusion in early education

Inclusion in Early Education

The STEM Innovation for Inclusion in Early Education Center engages young children with disabilities in STEM activities.

Improve the Quality of Life for Vulnerable Children

We are committed to understanding the complex biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors that affect child and adolescent development, and to accelerating the discovery and implementation of programs that strengthen children, families, and communities. Additional resources for outreach and dissemination will help us to promote early adoption of promising strategies and maximize their impact for the children and families who need it the most.

No Quick Fixes

Carolina researchers are working to reduce nationwide opioid overdose.

A Joint Impact

“We have much to do to help them, and I believe we can do it.”

Against All Odds

Defending black students’ education rights was Julius Chamber’s first landmark case, but certainly not his last.

Solving Water Shortages

The world is facing an unprecedented water crisis. Only half of households can access water at home.

Only a Spark

“The support for the initiative is overwhelming. The school board, school system, teachers, and the parents are all engaged and committed.”

A Positive Influence

"I think it can just help sometimes for them to see how successful their kid can be can be if they get the right intervention, the right therapies if they’re really advocating for their child."

Like a Movie Set

Carolina researchers are using new technology to help people recover from injuries.

Making Government Jobs Cool Again

"I realized I could spend my whole life working on a couple of these problems, but none of them could be addressed in full without a functioning government."

Primary Care for All

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and the UNC School of Medicine’s new Primary Care Rural Advancement Program will increase patient-centered primary care in Rockingham County

Hoops for Relief

A normal shooting drill for the Tar Heels became a catalyst for Hurricane Florence relief.