Speaking to the Future

UNC Story Archive gives members of the Carolina community a chance to share their voices.

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UNC Story Archive gives members of the Carolina community a chance to share their voices.

“The important thing is that the story is yours, told the way you want to tell it,” said Cassie Tanks, a graduate student at Carolina’s School of Information and Library Science, about the recently launched UNC Story Archive.

This project will serve as a way to gather and preserve authentic voices from the Carolina community.

“We were interested in new ways of documenting campus life, especially the student experience,” says University Archivist Nicholas Graham. “We wanted to create a simple way for students, alumni and others to share their experiences and thoughts in their own voice.”

Additionally, the UNC Story Archive hopes to give students and members of underrepresented groups a chance to make their voices heard.

“In the past, archival approaches or concepts of collecting did not deem certain groups to be historically significant,” says Tanks. “The UNC Story Archive is a space for people who traditionally would have been left out of or misrepresented in the historical record to tell a piece of University history from their own standpoint.”

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