Collaborating for Conservation

Galapagos Science Center and sustainable clothing startup Sula collaborate for conservation efforts.

Aerial view of Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Science Center and sustainable clothing startup Sula collaborate for conservation efforts.

After graduating from Florida State University, Macarena Morillo returned to her home country of Ecuador and started a company that would use entrepreneurship to support island conservation.

Sula, a sustainable beachwear brand, combines Morillo’s sense of fashion with her love of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. By creating Sula, Morillo aimed to fill a gap on the island and advance its conservation.

But Morillo knew that by collaborating with another organization, her new company would make an even greater impact on conservation efforts than it could by itself. That insight led Morillo to meet with leaders at The Galapagos Science Center (GSC) which coordinates scientific research projects between local, national and international scientists to benefit the Galapagos Islands and the world of science.

After putting entrepreneurial thinking into action, Sula and GSC forged a collaboration in which Sula will give 20% of its profits back to the GSC.

“We realized how much the world cared about the Galapagos, but there wasn’t a current way to contribute to conservation efforts,” says Morillo. “Our brand has very strict values. Not only are the products made with sustainable fabrics through fair trade, the brand has a bigger purpose. It has the mission to preserve one of the most vital places on earth.”

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