Partnership and Perspective

Collaboration brings new insights for student and faculty member

Portraits of Lyneise Williams and Uredo Agada

Collaboration brings new insights for student and faculty member

Art and art history associate professor Lyneise Williams and sophomore Uredo Agada ’25 are a recent faculty-student pairing who benefited from the William C. Friday Arts and Humanities Research Award.

The Friday Award supports undergraduate students in conducting graduate-level research in the arts and humanities while collaborating with an Institute of Arts & Humanities fellow.

Williams participated in the Faculty Fellowship Program in 2018, focusing on her project, “I Got You: Cloth, Family and Care.” In her work, Williams has explored and created both art and literature. Agada, a Morehead-Cain Scholar from Indiana, is majoring in history with a minor in creative writing.

The College of Arts and Sciences asked Williams and Agada to share their experiences working with each other.

Agada gained several research skills through close collaboration with Williams.

“As far as practical skills are concerned, I learned what a research plan looks like and how to break down a research question into manageable areas of focus. I also learned how to brainstorm keywords and how to refine my searches based on information I learned during my initial keyword searches. Another skill I gained was documenting and digitally mapping documents that I complied with during my research,” said Agada.

For Williams, the collaboration was a way to get a look at how new researchers conceptualize and start the research process. Williams commented, “Partnering with Uredo increased my sensitivity to how new researchers process and implement a long-term research plan. Through observation, I noticed when and what she responded to along the way and the way she applied some of the strategies she acquired.”

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