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A Call to Change Lives

Olivia Bass '17 was earning her bachelor's degree at Carolina when her son was born with a very rare genetic syndrome.

Olivia Bass '17 was earning her bachelor's degree at Carolina when her son was born with a very rare genetic syndrome.

Students pursue careers in social work because they feel called to change lives. When they answer this call, we respond with support. This includes merit and need-based scholarships and programs designed specifically to meet students’ needs, including two distance MSW programs for adults with full-time jobs to begin master’s degree studies at UNC-CH.

Olivia Bass ’17 was earning her bachelor’s degree at Carolina when her son was born with a very rare genetic syndrome. As a single mother, she took a full-time job to support him and learned to juggle work, school and medical appointments.

Her experience inspired a passion for social work and a determination to advocate for low-income women of color. She enrolled in our Triangle distance MSW program, was awarded scholarship support and worked with service organizations on and off campus throughout her graduate studies.

Olivia received the 2017 University Award for the Advancement of Women for her engagement and support of female students of color and of working mothers on campus. She represents the difference that one graduate can make. Multiply that difference by hundreds of graduates, and it’s clear to see the impact that a donor can make.

Much like social workers, each donor can change lives.

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