Mental Health First Aid Training

"The training addresses issues that are not talked about but practically everyone deals with..."

"The training addresses issues that are not talked about but practically everyone deals with..."

“The training addresses issues that are not often talked about but are issues that practically everyone deals with at some point because we all have family members or friends or know someone with a mental illness or who has experienced addiction.”

Tara Bohley, program director for the School of Social Work’s Behavioral Health Springboard (BHS), and Jodi Flick, a clinical associate professor at the school, have had more than 1,000 Carolina faculty, staff and students pass through the classroom forMental Health First Aid training, joining an estimated 1 million individuals nationally who have embraced a public education program that teaches the risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance abuse problems.

Bohley and Flick are hopeful they can expand the training to other college campuses and offices across the Carolina system.

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