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“Such attention and support from Carolina set me on a career path of 36 years…”

“Such attention and support from Carolina set me on a career path of 36 years…”

“After graduating from Wake Forest in 1969, I wasn’t sure where I was heading. I underwent some testing in the counseling center, which suggested social work as a career. The psychologist strongly recommended the UNC School of Social Work as the best in the state, and thankfully I took his advice.

“I was very fortunate at Carolina and had great teachers and field experiences. My parents put me on my own after paying for four years at Wake Forest, which was certainly understandable! I had no income and planned to work part-time. However, a wonderful lady in the dean’s office received my letter asking for referrals for jobs. Her response? Offering me a full stipend if I took a field placement at the VA Hospital in Salisbury, and I gladly accepted. The stipend paid for fees, books and living expenses.

“Such attention and support from Carolina set me on a career path working for the VA Healthcare system for 36 years. Donating to Carolina, especially the School of Social Work, is my way to pay back what I received and helping others who need assistance. Donations can make the difference in helping students in need get through the proper courses and experiences that can set them on a lifetime career.

“My favorite memories include finishing a thesis I could be proud of, and my field experiences at Central Prison in Raleigh and a locked psychiatric ward at the VA Hospital in Salisbury. Those experiences exposed me to new worlds that helped to pave my way to work as a clinical social worker all across the Southeast.”

-Charles Beck ’71 (M.S.W.)

Beck made a gift to the School of Social Work in August 2018.

School of Social Work Funding Priorities

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