Arts: Transforming the 21st-Century Liberal Arts Education

Creativity and innovation come from thinking about problems and connecting ideas in new ways. Empowering arts programs to enrich every corner of campus and making sure creative thought informs every student's education strengthen Carolina's teaching, research and public service missions, and position Carolina as a national leader in transforming the 21st-century liberal arts education.

    Arts Funding Priorities

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    A Community for Collaboration

    Heather Lewis has built an international community for photographers.

    Leaving Eden at UNC Playmakers

    Setting the Stage

    Leaving Eden plants the seed for the next 100 years of playmaking at Carolina...


    Blending Art and Science

    “I want to make art that’s educational, that people can get something from...”


    A Home in the Arts

    Art and Art History department mentors have challenged and prepared Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo to explore big questions.


    The Gift of an Icon

    A bad night’s sleep gave rise to Chapel Hill’s most recognizable hotel.


    Living Out School Pride

    “The band program shaped who I am...”