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Zoom CEO ‘zooms’ with Hussman students

Connecting our community online

Connecting our community online

As the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media community continues to navigate remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students in faculty member Gary Kayye’s “The Branding of Me” class got to hear from the leader of a company that’s now central to their working lives: Zoom Founder and CEO Eric Yuan. 

On March 26, Yuan, a friend of Kayye’s, joined the remote class via — what else? — Zoom to discuss his path to success and how the company is navigating unprecedented demand. Yuan spent more than 40 minutes answering questions, offering advice and encouraging students who have spent the past few weeks navigating a new, and more remote, world. 

“Considering how much anxiety my students are feeling, I knew that Eric’s presence would be calming,” Kayye said. “Think about it, there’s probably no company in the world with more pressure on it right now to keep us all connected than Zoom, and if they saw its own CEO as his happy self, they’d feel hopeful.”


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