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The Gift of Experience

The opportunity to pitch, develop and place stories with local, statewide media outlets

Pravenna standing in front of a wall covered in newspaper articles, smiling

The opportunity to pitch, develop and place stories with local, statewide media outlets

Hands-on experience is something that many college students find themselves looking for during the middle of their undergraduate career. At the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media, faculty are committed to making sure every student has this opportunity. Through the UNC Media Hub course, students get field experience on media work, from news reporting and design to public relations and broadcast journalism.

Some students receive prize funding to continue the experience across two semesters, due to its outstanding quality. Thanks to the Eugene L. Roberts Prize, students can continue their Media Hub work and provides money for a travel stipend. “It is particularly fulfilling to me to work with them at this point in their careers,” said John Robinson, course creator, senior associate dean for undergraduate studies, and John H. Stembler Jr. Distinguished Professor. “This is as close as possible before they go into a newsroom or PR agency or other professional setting. It’s a pleasure to help hone their skills.”

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