Crescendos of Creativity

“Opera doesn’t belong in any one place.”

Students dressed in costume performing an opera.

“Opera doesn’t belong in any one place.”

Marc Callahan — director of UNC Opera and assistant professor in the department of music within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences — takes creative and unique approaches to producing impeccable works of art.

Much of Callahan’s work is inspired by a combination of other pieces of art and his own imagination. His productions range from addressing controversial experiences to the absurdity of dreams — but each production is as exquisite as they come. 

“I want to train my singers the way I wish I would have been trained when I was in school, which is to see opera as a holistic process where the story informs the design, informs the direction, informs the lighting, informs every aspect of the show,” said Callahan. “I want them to see beyond their individual roles, beyond singers. They could also be a director or a designer — or both.”

In addition to applying opera to all elements of performing arts, Callahan’s works all serve to apply the arts to experiences and communities.

“I hope my students — and others — can see that opera doesn’t belong in any one place,” said Calahan. “It’s an art form that touches many facets of life.”

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