‘A place that has given us so much’

“It is an incredible gift to be able to view and learn about art in such an accessible venue.”

The Barzin Family

“It is an incredible gift to be able to view and learn about art in such an accessible venue.”

“We thought it would be important to find ways to contribute to the community that has given us so much,” said Amir ’06 and Anna ’07 Barzin.

The couple — who met at Carolina — wanted to find a way to give back to the community after recently returning to Chapel Hill to live. When brainstorming about where they wanted to donate their time and money, they both immediately thought of the Ackland Art Museum — a place that combines their love for art and Carolina.

Amir and Anna began volunteering when they were invited to join Ackland’s Local Advisory Board. They quickly became familiar faces and active in the work that was being done.

“This was a very exciting time for us, when we realized that we would be able to have even more active engagement in the Museum while bringing people together to see how we all could improve the Ackland,” said Amir.

Amir and Anna emphasized how significant it is to have an art museum at a public university.

“It is an incredible gift to be able to view and learn about art in such an accessible venue.”

The Barzins hope to see the Ackland Art Museum continue to grow and host successful events while highlighting the importance of community involvement.

“We want to give back to a university and a community that gave us so much, and we are willing to do that for the rest of our lives.”

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Situated at the intersection of campus and community, the Ackland Art Museum is proud to be one of North Carolina’s most important cultural resources since 1958.

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