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Resilient and Ready

Staying resilient and successful through uncertain times

Staying resilient and successful through uncertain times

Since the shift to remote learning in the spring, Carolina students and faculty worked together to remain resilient and successful.

“It takes a certain resilience and perseverance just to earn your way into Carolina, so we’re not surprised to see that same resilience as students prepare for the semester, and it’s very impressive,” said Rachelle Feldman, associate provost and director of the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.

As students adjusted to their new normal, Carolina faculty helped provide them with the financial support needed to succeed.

“Students and their parents lost jobs and some needed help with relocating,” Feldman said. “Between spring and summer, we helped just over 2,000 students with $2 million from the Carolina Student Impact Fund and other sources like federal CARES Act funds.”

While the Carolina community worked together to properly adjust in the spring and summer, students still have concerns regarding the fall semester.

“We were able to get through this through communication with our professors and collaboration with each other, but it’s something my classmates and I are still concerned about going into another semester of … online learning,” said Ananya Tandri, a junior biomedical engineering major. “They say misery loves company, so I think it’s important for us to have places where we can sympathize with and help each other over the uncertainties we face.”

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