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Hussman graduate finds his niche in LA

Taking the photojournalism world by storm

Taking the photojournalism world by storm

Nine months ago, UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media photojournalist Jason Armond ’19 was a “30-something” student on his first trip to New York City. 

Armond was among 26 of the best and the brightest student journalists from around the country to be accepted into the all-expenses-paid New York Times Student Journalism Institute’s immersive program. 

He spent the next two-and-a-half weeks working at a frenzied “New York Times pace” — finding, reporting on and posting stories and photos in New York City under the guidance of reporters and editors from The New York Times. 

“I haven’t made it yet,” he thought then, “but because of the training that I’ve had, I don’t feel I’m unequipped if the opportunity presents itself.”

Fast forward to February and drive 2,879 miles west to the offices of the Los Angeles Times. Here, Armond has found his niche. 


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