More Than Just Pushing A button

“I feel really proud, and I like to put pride into the work I put out.”

“I feel really proud, and I like to put pride into the work I put out.”

Addy Petetan-Benitez, a first-generation student and senior in the Division of Radiologic Science, is passionate about helping others and is taking advantage of her education to do so.  

“Radiologic science is very important to the health-care system,” Petetan-Benitez said. “People think it’s just a matter of pushing a button and that’s it, but it takes so much more than that for us to get a good quality image.

“I feel really proud, and I like to put pride into the work I put out. Knowing that I am part of that process to help the patient get better and get a good diagnostic reading is a very good feeling for me.”

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Privately funded scholarships, like the Drs. Jerome Puryear and Latonya Brown-Puryear Endowed Scholarship in Radiologic Science she received during her undergraduate career, has given her the financial support to make a difference.

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