Edible Campus

"There is no reason these beautiful surroundings can’t be educational as well."

Edible campus plate of food. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

"There is no reason these beautiful surroundings can’t be educational as well."

“There is no reason these beautiful surroundings can’t be educational as well. There are so many ways we can bring our landscapes to life.”

Emily Auerbach, a UNC graduate and now a Chancellor’s Fellow, is the driving force behind the Edible Campus initiative. She aims to make Carolina the nation’s first public university where edible and medicinal plants are integrated into landscapes throughout campus.

And she’s not doing it alone.

At the first planting day, an army of campus and community volunteers turned out to work at five sites across campus to get more than 300 plants and trees in the ground.

Plans call for developing an Edible Garden demonstration site beside Davis Library, which Auerbach envisions as a one-stop shop for landscape education, workshops and events.

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Campaign Funding Priorities

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