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Drawn To Service

“I felt like I needed to go somewhere new so I could be challenged and grow.”

“I felt like I needed to go somewhere new so I could be challenged and grow.”

Sage Albert always knew she wanted to go to a school far away from her home state of Florida. “I felt like I needed to go somewhere new so I could be challenged and grow,” she said. “This dream of mine was going to take a lot of work.”

The Carolina Covenant made her dream possible. In addition to its location, Sage was drawn to Carolina because it was founded on the principle of service. Having volunteered more than 2,200 hours of community service in high school, Sage hoped to bring her passion for serving others to her college experience, as well. Carolina has helped her do just that.

Sage has gotten involved with various organizations throughout the Carolina community. As an instructor for Dive In, she teaches free swim lessons to underserved children in the Triangle area. In high school, she founded a similar program called Go For Green at her local YMCA. She is also interning at the North Carolina Hillel house on campus. Through these experiences and conversations with professors, Sage has realized her desire to serve in the Peace Corps and eventually work as a high school guidance counselor. Sage is prepared and eager to lead a life of service.

“Being able to continue my passion in college and finding a community of people here who are also interested in serving others has been really amazing.”

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