Nurturing Young Scientists

"Right now, it's all hands on deck to improve health care."

"Right now, it's all hands on deck to improve health care."

“Right now, it’s all hands on deck to improve health care.”

For Jon Easter, a professor of practice at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, having a high school student in his lab over the course of a summer isn’t just an opportunity to mentor the next generation of scientist. It’s a chance to improve health care now.

As part of the Young Innovators Program, the Eshelman School of Pharmacy brings 24 students from North Carolina high schools over the summer for mentorships, hands-on laboratory research and professional engagement at the very beginning of their careers.

“UNC-Chapel Hill has world-class research ongoing across campus; to be able to offer North Carolina high school students an opportunity to engage in the pharmaceutical sciences at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy is a wonderful opportunity,” said Roth McClurg, Pharm.D., M.H.S., associate professor at the school.

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The Young Innovators Program is made possible by funding from the Eshelman Institute for Innovation.

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