The University
of the People

In his 1993 bicentennial address, UNC alumnus Charles Kuralt reminded us that, as the nation’s first public university, Carolina is “The University of the People.” His words captured perfectly what makes Carolina great — its people. Here are the stories of some of those people who, together, showcase the broad impact Carolina makes in the state, nation and world. By supporting them and our public, the possibilities are limitless.


Going Above and Beyond

As a doctoral student at Carolina, she was a champion for women in STEM.

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  • Parents

    Business Moms

    “They’ll see mom did it…”

  • Innovation

    Like a Movie Set

    Carolina researchers are using new technology to help people recover from injuries.

  • Women

    A First for Carolina Women

    Susan Grey Akers became the first female dean at Carolina...

  • UNC - Chapel Hill

    Well Informed

    The School of Information and Library Science is the first Library School in North Carolina.

  • Alumni

    Making Government Jobs Cool Again

    "I realized I could spend my whole life working on a couple of these problems, but none of them could be addressed in full without a functioning government."

  • Student Support

    Leading The Way

    Founded in 1968, Project Uplift gives high-achieving high school students from historically under-served populations a firsthand opportunity to live, lead and learn about Carolina.

  • Donor

    Travel Opens Your Eyes

    Alumna Maribel Carrion created the Global Takeoff: Puerto Rico program to encourage students who are generally underrepresented in traditional study abroad programs to take that first critical step in a lifelong journey of global engagement.

  • Donor

    Fostering Opportunity and Inclusion

    “When I was doing my estate plan, I considered the causes that are important to me,” said Artis, a Greensboro, N.C., native. “This is a natural extension of the giving I do while I’m living.”

  • Alumni

    An Immediate Impact in Health Care

    “I didn’t want to wait 10 years to practice so I decided to pursue the business side of medicine.”

  • Student Support

    Scholarship Helps Recruit a Top Student

    “UNC is like, ‘Here are all these opportunities.’”

  • Military

    Expanding Horizons At Carolina

    “There isn’t just one kind of military family, and I’m hoping that others can relate to that.”

  • Military

    First-Generation Student Planning To Give Back

    Reina Kinnaly ’20 may be a first-generation college student, but she’s got plans to make sure she’s not her family’s last.