Athletics: A catalyst for leadership

The impact of Carolina athletics is undeniable. Our distinctive blue-hued uniforms adorned with that iconic argyle are often the first things that come to mind when people think about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-but there's so much more. Teamwork is essential to the Carolina experience, and UNC Athletics supports educational and athletic opportunities across 28 sports to produce both great athletes and amazing people who compete at the highest level in every endeavor.

    Athletics Funding Priorities

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    Almost Like A Sorority

    Before becoming the elite runner who won the 2017 New York Marathon— the first American woman to win the race in 40 years — Shalane Flanagan was a member of the Carolina track and cross country teams.


    Roy In The Valley

    Hold onto your hat when his former players get rolling on a favorite subject – that skinny statistician freshly graduated from UNC...


    A Tar Heel Trailblazer

    Before he was the youngest NYU business school dean, he walked the brick pathways as a student at Carolina.


    In It For The Long Run

    "Awareness is great, but that’s a band-aid..."


    A Tar Heel Voice

    It was like we were watching the game right there with Woody.


    Still Player-Focused After 1,000 Wins

    "It's all because of them."