Transforming Carolina, Transforming the Natural World

“All the trees had been bulldozed to clear the way for development...”

“All the trees had been bulldozed to clear the way for development...”

Gregory Gangi grew up in a New Jersey neighborhood that was part of the urban sprawl spilling out of New York City.

“All the trees had been bulldozed to clear the way for development,” said Gangi. “Every house on my street had a sycamore tree in the front yard except for one where there were two tall oaks that had somehow escaped the carnage.”

As he grew older, he came to understand the natural world was majestic, yet fragile, and that it needed protecting from unnatural forces that could do it harm. Now, he believes that greater collaboration between universities, government and business can transform North Carolina into a clean technology powerhouse.

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Gangi is a winner of the 2018 C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Award.


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