The World is Watching

“Children are watching what we do, all the time.”

“Children are watching what we do, all the time.”

Young children are incredibly perceptive, learning from the world around them the day they are born. Dick Clifford, a longtime researcher at the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, wrote the book—literally—on the best ways to nurture and optimize that tender time.

“Children are watching what we do, all the time,” says Clifford.

The world is watching, too.

For the past four decades, educators, trainees, researchers and the students they serve, have used his methods to create early-learning environments that view the child as a whole and support the relationships that help them grow. His work focuses on making sure children are healthy and safe, and that they have the opportunities all children need and deserve to experience life to its fullest.

His latest initiative expands his already incredible reach.

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UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

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