The Great Convergence

"What if polymer composite aircraft wings could be as light as feathers?"

"What if polymer composite aircraft wings could be as light as feathers?"

The most ambitious capital project in Carolina history,  the UNC Science Complex drives creative collaboration, with faculty and students coming together to solve the world’s biggest problems. We’ve already taken huge strides in forward-looking areas such as applied physical sciences and biomedical engineering, building the groundwork for the ultimate step in interdisciplinary innovation: the UNC Institute for Convergent Science.

The final piece of the Science Complex, the Institute for Convergent Science will connect the life sciences to the health and biomedical sciences, fostering collaboration to answer such questions as, “What if polymer composite aircraft wings could be as light as feathers?” or “What if new membrane materials enabled global water desalinization?”

Most important, the institute will advance humanity. We will accelerate the translation of theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions, and we will deliver those solutions to more people. The most successful universities will use their expertise to better society. The Institute for Convergent Science will lead the way.

“The UNC Institute for Convergent Science will give proven convergent thinkers both here and around the globe the tools and space they need to harness the tremendous amount of talent at their disposal. The opportunity is to take that talent and channel it into impact that makes a true difference in the world,” said Chancellor Carol L. Folt.

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