Strengthening the Innovator Community

CUBE expands its community through a new partnership

Durham's ReCity

CUBE expands its community through a new partnership

Campus Y’s Creating University Born Entrepreneurs (CUBE) serves as a hub for social justice and innovation at Carolina and believes that successful and sustained impact is rooted in collaboration.

Durham’s ReCity Network shares this belief and has partnered with CUBE to work together and expand the surrounding innovator community. Given the limitations of the pandemic, the two hubs are striving to find creative ways to make social entrepreneurship accessible to all.

“Both ReCity and CUBE are much more than physical spaces,” said Melissa Carrier, director of the Office of Social Innovation at Carolina. “They’re communities built by people who are excited to help each other.”

This partnership will allow the two hubs to grow and flourish, and it will dramatically enhance the experiences of young entrepreneurs at Carolina.

“Our students are being given an extraordinary opportunity to connect their work with the needs of communities beyond the physical University,” said Jaki Bonilla, CUBE’s program director. “This partnership is opening up exciting doors for our students to solve problems and find solutions.”

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