Serving the Chapel Hill Community

A member of Chapel Hill’s governing body is also a Carolina senior.

A member of Chapel Hill’s governing body is also a Carolina senior.

The Chapel Hill community recently elected Carolina senior Tai Huynh to Town Council for the Town of Chapel Hill.

“Being a student, [I was] definitely an underdog in the campaign. It came with its own set of challenges, so I think the moment of being sworn in really brought all of that to fruition,” said Huynh.

Huynh plans to earn his degree in computer science from Carolina, then remain in Chapel Hill to address racial disparities and promote affordable housing in the community.

“[Serving the town] has definitely been the most fulfilling thing I’ve done in my time at Carolina,” he said. “The relationships and bonds I’ve formed with community members and local civil rights activists, they’re just such an integral part of my Carolina experience.”

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