Serving across a Spectrum

Students completing service projects in partnership with communities affected by ASD

Student holding class online

Students completing service projects in partnership with communities affected by ASD

With much of our daily activities shifting to virtual platforms during the pandemic, serving others in our community has shifted to virtual as well.

APPLES Service-Learning Courses have adapted to limitations and are still finding ways to provide hands-on service experiences, even through a screen. One course in particular, “Autism in Our Communities: An Interdisciplinary Perspective,” is allowing students to complete service projects in partnership with individuals and communities affected by ASD.

“Some students were recommended from Buckley Public Service Scholars with little to no experience,” said Lindsay Rentschlerm, a doctoral student in the School of Education’s Applied Developmental Science and Special Education Program who taught the class. “Others had a sibling or a cousin or a neighbor with a deep personal connection. Others worked at different camps for people with different developmental disabilities. That made it interesting and the discussions pretty fun.”

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