Resilience against challenging times

Finding a way to move forward

Finding a way to move forward

Work and home lives are merging for many. Each day brings potentially upsetting news. While navigating the new normal, we all could use more strength.

To help us become more resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrea Hussong, a professor in Carolina’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, offers some practical advice.

“Sometimes the wordresilienceis something we think about as we look back to a time when we felt resilient and it’s defined by the outcome,” Hussong said. “But resilience really is more about being able to come through a challenge in a way that you can feel good about the outcome. It may be that when you’re in a challenge, you feel stressed or frightened or overwhelmed but you find a way to engage in your life and move forward to your goals despite the challenge.”

To keep moving forward, Hussong advises the following:

  • Adjust goals and expectations for yourself
  • Practice physical distancing, not social distancing
  • Be mindful of how you work 
  • Take care of yourself 
  • Help others, grow as a person
  • Celebrate more 

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