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Honoring The Memory Of A Dedicated, Vibrant Librarian

“What she was signing up for was not just putting labels on books..."

“What she was signing up for was not just putting labels on books..."

An avid reader since childhood, Amy Elizabeth Morgan ’08 (M.S.L.S.) devoted her career to supporting libraries and encouraging reading. She was a juvenile materials specialist and worked as a metadata librarian with NoveList, a division of EBSCO that develops innovative solutions to connect readers, books and libraries, inspiring others with her professional dedication and vibrant personality.

“I suspect that what Amy learned [at SILS] about her future vocation is that our profession is committed to the stewardship not just of the containers of our thoughts and imagination, but the preservation and curation of ideas and dreams themselves,” said Duncan Smith ‘80 (M.S.L.S.), founder of NoveList. “What she was signing up for was not just putting labels on books and putting them on the shelves, but ensuring that those items found their way into the hands of the individuals whose lives they will change. I believe that, like me, Amy was probably changed by her time here in Manning Hall. I certainly saw the evidence of that with the time that she spent with us at NoveList.”

Amy passed away in October 2017, but her memory lives on in those who were around her. On September 29, 2018, a gathering of family, friends and NoveList colleagues formally announced the Amy Elizabeth Morgan Assistantship to support the work of outstanding UNC School of Information and Library Science master’s students.

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