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UNC School of Nursing is taking charge to address nursing shortages in the U.S.

UNC School of Nursing is taking charge to address nursing shortages in the U.S.

In hospitals across the country, operating room nurses are in short supply.

UNC School of Nursing Assistant Professor Louise Fleming said this shortage can be traced back to the education that student nurses are—or aren’t—receiving when it comes to the operating room.

Carolina Nursing seeks to solve this critical shortage. In August 2018, the UNC School of Nursing rolled out its Transitions in Care Clinical Immersion Experience, a course designed to give students the opportunity to see the surgical experience a patient has from admission to recovery, with the ultimate goal of placing more nurses in operating rooms.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Fleming. “The nurse managers have a pool of new grads like they’ve never had, and the students have an opportunity to explore. It gives them a unique ability to look at all the different roles of the nurse and how they interact with different patient populations.”

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