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Using Carolina resources to solve our latest problems

Aerem Team

Using Carolina resources to solve our latest problems

Are you uncomfortable wearing your mask all of the time? Do you worry about the effectiveness of the masks you wear? Carolina faculty might have the solution to your latest problems.

Devin Hubbard, teaching associate professor in the UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, has utilized resources offered by Innovate Carolina to work with a team to create Aerem Innovations — a company working to produce the AerFrame, a mask frame device designed to improve the comfort and effectiveness of existing facemasks.

This quickly posed solution to this recent problem was made possible through Carolina’s excellence in convergent science.

“Collaboration and access to diverse resources and thinkers is always vital, but it is absolutely necessary… especially when looking to solve a problem that didn’t exist a year ago,” said Hubbard. “The ability to have access to so many diverse resources and connections made this sprint to market possible.”

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