Breaking Down Precision Medicine

UNC Lineberger designs, develops and delivers CAR-T therapy to to attack cancers.

UNC Lineberger designs, develops and delivers CAR-T therapy to to attack cancers.

The Lineberger Comprehensive Care Center at Carolina is revolutionizing cancer treatments in the Southeastern region of the United States.

UNC Lineberger is one of only a select few academic centers in the country with the scientific, technical and clinical abilities to treat cancers that fail to respond to standard treatments. The center is working todesign, develop and deliver chimeric antigen T-cell, or CAR-T therapies, to infuse into new tumor targets. Since these therapies are not commercially available, UNC Lineberger is making it possible for people who live in or near the Southeastern U.S. to stay closer to home to undergo clinical immunotherapy treatment for cancer.

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UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Funding Priorities

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