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The University Libraries are so much more than books or places to study. We're a comprehensive world of inquiry, a vibrant hub of encyclopedic glimpses into the past and an engine that speeds students and scholars into the future. As the model for the modern research library, we enrich not only our state but also the world – always creating better lives for all.

University Libraries Funding Priorities

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Local to worldwide in a couple of clicks

"Libraries and museums work really hard to preserve that material and we want to give that a boost."


Painting a fuller portrait of the man off the court

"It brings more texture to the portrait of one of the most esteemed leaders the University has known..."

Faculty Support

Passing Opportunity Forward

We create an informed, engaged and scholarly citizenry.

Faculty Support

History Honored, History Heard

Chaitra Powell strengthens the special collections library in their quest to document and expand knowledge.

Global Impact

A Natural Response to Disasters

When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador, Carolina students raced to help those in need.


A Healthier State

NCHI provides access to reliable, easy-to-use information about health insurance