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The UNC Institute for the Environment is committed to the health and sustainability of the ecosystems on which life depends. Our collaborations with partners across the UNC campus, North Carolina and beyond uniquely position us to address today’s environmental challenges. Together, we tackle issues from multiple perspectives to fuel discovery and innovation, turning scientific research into solutions for local and global communities.

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Cassidy Harding smiling

Shaping Her Future

Realizing a dream, thanks to scholarship efforts.

UNC researchers working with drone

Bird’s Eye View

Carolina launches CARDNL, the University’s first Drone Lab.

Emma Calhoun
Student Support

Experiences within Pandemic Limitations

Meet the 2020 Pavel Mochanov Scholars


Where the Water Will Rise

Alumni Distinguished Professor Rick Luettich is shedding light on past hurricanes while providing the tools to predict which areas will be most vulnerable to flooding in the future.

Flooded New Bern, NC

Resilience, not Reaction

“It is more effective to fund resilience strategies than it is to rebuild after damage occurs," said Piehler, who is leading a $2 million research study.

Beach erosion in the Outer Banks

Working Together to Protect the Coast

Interdisciplinary experts at Carolina are advancing decision-making around flooding.