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The UNC Institute for the Environment is committed to the health and sustainability of the ecosystems on which life depends. Our collaborations with partners across the UNC campus, North Carolina and beyond uniquely position us to address today’s environmental challenges. Together, we tackle issues from multiple perspectives to fuel discovery and innovation, turning scientific research into solutions for local and global communities.

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Sites Set on Education

“I wanted an opportunity to get more hands-on experience and physical involvement in what I’m learning in a typical classroom setting."


One Drop at a Time

“By tapping into people’s interest in science all over the world, we get a lot more data that can validate assumptions”


A World Without Water Is An Unlivable World

“The human and natural systems that provide society with food, energy and water are tightly linked, so a disruption in one invariably impacts the others.”


From the Outside in

“It is incumbent upon us in academe to demonstrate and prove the hypothesis that clean energy and sustainability and improved health is not just economically viable, it is economically necessary...”


The Breath and Depth of Solutions

The World Health Organization has identified air pollution as a major threat to human health. 


A Clearer Vision for a Cleaner World

"When we think about the future, we have to think about clean technology."