Innovate Carolina

Innovate Carolina is an alliance of faculty, students and staff from across the University. It is led by the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and harnesses the collective expertise of a network of more than 200 people and programs. Innovate Carolina helps students and faculty expand their work and achieve a return on investment for themselves, the University and the world. We work on their behalf to ensure the University has the knowledge, programs, processes, and resources to cultivate their ideas from conception through implementation and beyond. Support is critical to secure UNC’s position as a leader in driving innovation with real-world impact. We seek funds for three key areas.

Innovate Carolina infuses innovation into every corner of campus. Watch how.

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Clean Water for All

“From chemistry to physics to engineering, if we all team up, we have the expertise to tackle this.”


Innovate Carolina: Projects to Watch

Innovate Carolina moves more ideas into the world faster to solve the world’s problems and strengthen the economy.


Revolutionary Discovery for Drug Development

“The company was made possible with technology developed at UNC…”


Sealing the Gap

“...will allow it to [provide] for more people across most of the United States.”

Blackstone Entrepreneur Network celebration

Transforming Communities Through Entrepreneurship

“We have connected the dots by bringing experienced entrepreneurs and their networks together with crackerjack entrepreneurs at our universities who are working on exciting new products and services”


Music Innovation Flows Around the World

A single innovation at UNC can grow into much more and make an impact on lives across the globe.