‘Recoding the Boys’ Club’

Women at the intersection of politics and technology

Women at the intersection of politics and technology

What is the workplace like for women at the intersection of politics and technology? A collaborative team of seven co-authors from UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media wielded rigorous social science standards in the quest to find out.

Their work speaks directly to anyone curious about presidential political campaigns or with an academic interest in looking at political technology from a gender role perspective.

Most importantly, practitioners in the field and anyone interested in an inclusive workplace environment — or familiar with mansplaining, whisper networks and layering, for that matter — will find their resulting book,Recoding the Boys’ Club: The Experiences & Future of Women in Political Technology, an eye-opening read.

Hussman alumnae Jenni Ciesielski ’19, Haley Fernandez ’18, Kate Frauenfelder ’18, Brinley Lowe ’19 and Gabrielle Micchia ’19; Ph.D. candidate and Roy H. Park Fellow Kirsten Adams; and the school’s Edgar Thomas Cato Distinguished Associate Professor Daniel Kreiss authored the peer-reviewed book, a July Oxford University Press release. Royalties are being donated back to the school.

“This project illustrates the power of deep, immersive learning experiences for students,” said Susan King, dean of Hussman. “And it aligns with our broader mission to create diversity in all its forms in the professions we serve. It is more clear than ever that a lack of diversity creates a lack of strength and an inequity that we can’t let persist. There is much work to be done, and I am proud that our students and faculty are engaged in this important work.”


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