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“I went, and it really just changed my world.”

“I went, and it really just changed my world.”

Hailey Morris is a first-year student in the Division of Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling at Carolina who hopes to become a licensed professional counselor.

While a college student at the University of South Carolina, Morris took two years off to work as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Morris’s volunteerism — more than 4,000 hours — earned her recognition from President Barack Obama as a President’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner in 2016.

“I really hadn’t done intense service like that before,” Morris said. “I went and it really just changed my world.”

Upon returning to South Carolina, a chance encounter with a rehabilitation counselor drew her into the field and led her to continue her education at Carolina. A daughter of two veterans and a first-generation college student, Morris brings a variety of interests and experiences to the Carolina community.

“What really motivates me in school are my core values and helping make the world a better place,” Morris said.

At the UNC School of Medicine Department of Allied Health Sciences, Morris benefits from the UNC Hospitals Volunteer Association’s Community Service Fellowship, which recognizes students like her with scholarship funding.

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