Igniting a Global Spark in Students

Aiding students in pursuing experiences that may change the course of their lives

Aiding students in pursuing experiences that may change the course of their lives

“I want to take away any number of fears that may prevent a student — who grew up like me — from studying abroad,” explained Michael-Bryant Hicks ’96.

Through the Marleigh Desmond Hicks Study Abroad Scholarship Fund, Hicks both honors his son and supports first-generation students of color as they participate in a University study abroad program.

Besides fostering a global mindset, Hicks hopes that the scholarship is “helping to ignite a spark in students — a spark that helps get them on their way to pursuing experiences that may change the course of their lives,” he said.

“My son is growing up much differently than I did,” Hicks said. “He’s had summers abroad in China and Ecuador, and I see how valuable it is for him. I want all students who come from backgrounds like mine to have exposure to opportunities like these.”

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