Business Moms

“They’ll see mom did it…”

“They’ll see mom did it…”

As mothers of young children and pursuing a business degree, Mariana Thomas ’19 (M.B.A.) and Angela Gurtsishvili ’19 (M.B.A.) are doing the seemingly impossible.

Both acknowledge that being a mom and a full-time student while trying to build a future career in a highly competitive field is challenging. Thomas almost did not make it to business school when she learned she was pregnant only two weeks after receiving her acceptance to UNC Kenan-Flagler. “When you’re a mom, you prioritize a lot of other people first,” Thomas said.

“It’s feasible. You’re able to do recruiting, take classes and the rest,” Gurtsishvili said.

Thomas looks forward to the day she can explain to her children that even if life gets in the way, they should always pursue a higher education. “They’ll see mom did it,” she said.

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