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A Packed College Career

Pushing through challenges and embracing new opportunities

Pushing through challenges and embracing new opportunities

To say that Sweta Karlekar’s four years at Carolina have been packed is an understatement. She had internships at Disney, Yelp and Facebook. She was a part of Google’s AI Research Mentorship Program. She presented her research at international and domestic conferences. She spent a semester in Silicon Valley.

Still, despite the amazing experiences, one of the things she said she’ll miss the most is a familiar routine.

“I’ll miss that feeling of walking out of Davis Library at 2 a.m. with your friends, feeling that sense of accomplishment after studying for hours — and being on a campus that echoes that back to you,” said Karlekar, a senior computer science major and entrepreneurship minor.

The Ashburn, Virginia, native came to UNC-Chapel Hill as a Chancellor’s Science Scholar. It became an integral part of her Carolina experience from day one.

“It’s the reason I came to UNC. Just meeting the scholars and the caliber of people in the program — they have been supportive of me the entire time,” she said. “Coming in as an out-of-state student, it made campus feel smaller.”

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