A new home for recovery

"Horizons knew what I was capable of before I could even imagine it."

"Horizons knew what I was capable of before I could even imagine it."

“Twenty-seven days into recovery I was given three things: Compassion, hope and a beautiful baby girl to raise all on my own. The staff at Horizons knew what I was capable of before I could even imagine it.”

When Lucy Brown entered treatment at UNC Horizons for substance use disorder, she feared that she would be separated from her unborn child or that she would be a terrible mother. Less than one month into treatment, though, she said she was equipped with more skills and tools than most women having their first child.

UNC Horizons has given women like Brown, a UNC Horizons graduate and current Horizons lead residential advisor, and their children compassion and hope since the program’s humble beginnings in 1994.

Twenty-three years after its launch, UNC Horizons unveiled a new state-of-the-art facility in which to treat women and their children under one roof.

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