UNC School of
Social Work

The UNC School of Social Work consistently ranks among the best in the nation. With top-ranked graduate and doctoral programs, best-in-class intervention science and engagement with every North Carolina county, we are able to make an impact that few other schools of social work can achieve. With nearly 100 years of service to our state, we seek support for three distinct priorities (1) program support for academic excellence, (2) faculty support to nurture professional growth and (3) social justice and racial equity as our touchstone.

School of Social Work Funding Priorities

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Developer of peer support specialist program has few peers

"...even when I could not do anything but listen...sometimes that’s all that is required."

Global Impact

A New Center for International Impact

Led by associate professor Gina Chowa, the new Global Social Development Innovations (GSDI) research center supports a team of researchers who are collaborating with partners locally and abroad to produce evidence, develop interventions and impact policy to improve the economic and social welfare of women, youth and their families globally. 


Helping Parents to Be Their Best

Assistant professor Paul Lanier investigates if parenting programs designed for fathers are effective.


A Research Reputation

The UNC School of Social Work offers doctoral studies that are consistently ranked among the best in the world.


Our Culture of Caring

Refugees experience high rates of chronic physical illnesses, mental illnesses and substance use disorder. 

Global Impact

Across Cultures and Countries

Professor Mimi Chapman is helping to build bridges between different cultures and populations in North Carolina and abroad.

Student Support

A Call to Change Lives

Olivia Bass '17 was earning her bachelor's degree at Carolina when her son was born with a very rare genetic syndrome. As a single mother, she took a full-time job to support him and learned to juggle work, school and medical appointments. 

Faculty Support

Changing Lives by Changing Policies

Sometimes, our greatest impact can be through providing evidence — research findings and other data — that can help agencies and lawmakers develop policies to address challenges in child welfare, substance use disorders and other social and medical issues.


A Community of Tiny Houses

Safe, affordable housing is often a critical need for people with serious mental illnesses, who often face homelessness.