UNC School
of Nursing

“There is no such thing as a menial task in caring for a human being.” — Elizabeth Kemble, founding dean

Indeed, there is not. And since its founding, the UNC School of Nursing has held this view, purposefully and proudly answering the high calling of caring for human beings through our teaching, research and service. Ranked in the top 10 of two world rankings for schools of nursing, Carolina Nursing excels at advancing the art and science of nursing care, first for our neighbors here at home, and then around the world.

UNC School of Nursing Funding Priorities

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Leading the Next Generation of Nurse Leaders

"Where Carolina Nursing and its graduates lead, improvement follows."

Student Support

From Admission to Recovery

UNC School of Nursing is taking charge to address nursing shortages in the U.S.


Patricia Dallas Horoho

President Barack Obama nominated Horoho to serve as the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army...


Committed to Serving Others

“He never allowed us to think that we were better than anyone else."


Model Behavior

The BBL has been used extensively by the UNC School of Nursing-led “Feeding Flock,” a team of researchers who focus on preventing, identifying and managing feeding difficulties among infants and toddlers.

Global Impact

A New Hope is Born

Treatment for women suffering from fistula is far from a given. For every one who receives treatment, 50 go without.