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For nearly 175 years, Carolina Law has prepared outstanding lawyers who shape communities in North Carolina and beyond. As we’re facing challenges from losing a third of our state support since 2009, we must look toward a new financial model in which private, philanthropic support plays a greater role. With your help, we can continue to deliver the exceptional value that a Carolina Law degree is known for and remain competitive in the current education environment.

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Specializing in Teaching

After earning both his undergraduate and law degree at Carolina, Rick Magee ’83 went on to rise high in his firm and then become in-house counsel.


A Law Degree that Can Go Anywhere

One of the greatest strengths of a Carolina Law degree is versatility.


A Greater Drive: Fighting for Global Human Rights

"Carolina Law made me a more compassionate, generous, and empathetic attorney on a micro level, while giving me the tools to actually realize change on a global scale,” Angela said.


Bullish on Our Banking Center

Legal expertise has always been a crucial need in the finance industry, as banking and legal fields are inextricably connected.


Lawyers Who Instill Confidence: True Leaders

The Leadership for Lawyers course empowers students to succeed in professional and personal leadership roles.


A Partnership of Global Proportions

Carolina Law and The Duke Energy Foundation have partnered to expand Carolina Law’s Center for Climate, Energy, Environment and Economics (CE3), the nation’s first law and policy center specifically devoted to the intersection of climate, energy law, environmental law and economic development.


Standout Students: Christopher Brown ’17

We continue to remain in awe of what our students accomplish during their time at Carolina Law.


Pro Bono. Pro Humanity.

Carolina Law is undoubtedly a school of great value, but it’s also a school with exceptional values.


Making Strides with Career Trek

By introducing students to private practice and in-house attorneys in the banking industry, the Career Trek program prepares students for how they’ll work in the real world.