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For nearly 175 years, Carolina Law has prepared outstanding lawyers who shape communities in North Carolina and beyond. As we’re facing challenges from losing a third of our state support since 2009, we must look toward a new financial model in which private, philanthropic support plays a greater role. With your help, we can continue to deliver the exceptional value that a Carolina Law degree is known for and remain competitive in the current education environment.

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Student Support


A new law program aims to ensure students are practice-ready...


Checking the Checks and Balances

"[This project] will ensure transparency and accountability."


Kickstarting a Carolina Law Entrepreneurship Program

"Clinical education geared to organizational clients is important to large numbers of our students."


A $1 million Edge for Carolina students

“We believe strongly that education is the key to opportunity, economic mobility and a life well-lived.”


Specializing in Teaching

After earning both his undergraduate and law degree at Carolina, Rick Magee ’83 went on to rise high in his firm and then become in-house counsel.


A Law Degree that Can Go Anywhere

One of the greatest strengths of a Carolina Law degree is versatility.


A Greater Drive: Fighting for Global Human Rights

"Carolina Law made me a more compassionate, generous, and empathetic attorney on a micro level, while giving me the tools to actually realize change on a global scale,” Angela said.


Bullish on Our Banking Center

Legal expertise has always been a crucial need in the finance industry, as banking and legal fields are inextricably connected.


Lawyers Who Instill Confidence: True Leaders

The Leadership for Lawyers course empowers students to succeed in professional and personal leadership roles.