UNC School of Government

The UNC School of Government was created with a commitment to better serve the people and communities around us by supporting the public officials who lead them. As the nation’s largest university-based local government training, advisory and research organization, we serve more than 12,000 public officials each year—adding an unprecedented value to the state of North Carolina and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Driven by Carolina’s public mission, we inform and assist all levels of local government with nonpartisan and policy-neutral expertise to help elected officials and civil servants govern in the best interest of their communities.

School of Government Funding Priorities

Investing in North Carolina, Leading for Results

The Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) generously sponsors a training program for emerging leaders in N.C. communities. Hear Dean Mike Smith and LGFCU CEO Maurice R. Smith reflect on why an investment in a tuition-free leadership program is really an investment in the state.

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Case Statement

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Student Support

Investing in a New Generation of Public Service Leaders

SECU Foundation’s investment in Lead for North Carolina will help attract young people to local government as a career and encourage college graduates to work in their hometowns or in distressed communities.

Faculty Support

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A Vision for the Community

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