UNC School of Information and Library Science

At the UNC School of Information and Library Science, we shape the future of information creation, access, use, management and stewardship. We turn data into information that connects communities and fuels research. Our leadership in digital curation, information interaction, health informatics and librarianship drives how information affects society and the world.

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SILS celebrates Duncan-Lowry Deanship commitment

“This notion that we’re all part of something larger really does imbue the way that we work, and it’s a very special culture that exists here."


Enabling a healthier society through data

Health care informatics can make a real difference in people's lives...


Fred Roper: Combining his love for UNC academics and athletics into one unique gift

“UNC and SILS gave me a stellar education and opportunities to expand in ways that I hadn’t imagined"


Opening Eyes Can Open Doors

We are grounded in a responsibility to expand access to information for people throughout the world, promoting informed communities and educated citizens.


Online, Now in Reach

The internet grows ever more vital as an information source, and yet it's unavailable to most of the world's population.

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A Matter of Facts

Health information and data can often be dense and hard to understand, meaning that it runs the risk of misinterpretation.

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Our Search Never Ends

It seems like Google can find everything – right up until it can't find what you need.

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Better Living Through Information

When communities don’t have access to accurate information about preventing and treating disease, the void tends to be filled by rumors and websites


Information for Good

Whether it’s through collaboration with our world-class faculty members or through their own independent research, our students are dedicated to making the world better though information science.