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The UNC College of Arts and Sciences prepares students to lead meaningful lives through the empowering effects of education and self-knowledge. We instill a broad and deep liberal arts education to provide perspective, context and understanding. We recognize that today’s students will likely have multiple careers — and our job is to provide the foundation that enables them to adapt, to excel, to explore the unexpected path.

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Where Disciplines Connect,
Leaders Emerge

“In my opinion, Carolina’s PPE program is among the nation’s best because not only do we bring together some of the world’s authorities in each discipline to move scholarship forward, we create an environment for students to thrive and then support them in defining their career paths through internships, assistantships and fellowships.”


Inspiring Creativity In Athletics Health Care

"UNC really inspired me and allowed me to be creative and innovative..."


A Clearer Way To Communicate

"I could not pass up the opportunity here to make the world a better place..."


Connecting A Passion For Faith With A Passion For Carolina

"It was a natural path for me as the Center was embarking on something amazing..."

Student Support

No Stranger To Hard Work

Tarik Woods got his first job at 14. He's been working hard ever since.


State of the Arts

No matter what a student studies, art and artistic expression will be essential to their education.