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The UNC College of Arts and Sciences prepares students to lead meaningful lives through the empowering effects of education and self-knowledge. We instill a broad and deep liberal arts education to provide perspective, context and understanding. We recognize that today’s students will likely have multiple careers — and our job is to provide the foundation that enables them to adapt, to excel, to explore the unexpected path.

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Creating Leaders. Leading creators.

By connecting the faculty’s passions with new and greater purpose, Carolina creates better possibilities for all


Where Thinkers Become Makers

Solutions to scientific and technical challenges often come from unexpected places...


The Great Convergence

"What if polymer composite aircraft wings could be as light as feathers?"

Student Support

Service through technology

"No matter what I was doing on campus, I wanted it to benefit the University..."

Student Support

Living her dream in Asia

“I think of my life as a rock climbing experience...”


A first-of-its-kind health humanities lab

"Our goal is...to tell important stories...and expand human understanding."