Serving North Carolina

The students, faculty and staff of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are guided by two core tenets, “Of the Public, for the Public” and “Innovation Made Fundamental,” as we look to serve the state that we call home. The stories below share some of the many ways Carolina touches every corner of North Carolina, from health centers in the mountains to disaster relief along the coast to fostering Tar Heel entrepreneurs whose businesses employ people all across the state.

Our success is North Carolina’s success.

Reaching Beyond Chapel Hill

Impact across North Carolina

We’ve mapped out a few of the many ways Carolina makes an impact through research, scholarship and innovation to advance the wellbeing of North Carolina residents.

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Investing in the State


Anita Brown-Graham Discusses NcIMPACT

Anita Brown-Graham, professor of public law and government, describes how ncIMPACT works to resolve community challenges.

The Carolina Covenant celebrates 15 years

Through a combination of grants, scholarships and work-study jobs, the Covenant provides eligible low-income students the opportunity to graduate from Carolina debt-free.


Innovate Carolina: Projects to Watch

Innovate Carolina moves more ideas into the world faster to solve the world’s problems and strengthen the economy.


NCGrowth: Bolstering Businesses, Boosting Economies

NCGrowth leverages a network of academic, government and industry partners to help businesses create jobs and build sustainable communities.


CCPS: ‘Of the Public, for the Public’

For the past 20 years, the Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) has elevated the University’s commitment to meeting the needs of North Carolinians. 


A Duty to Make a Difference

Carolina focuses on serving those who served in several ways that include offering veterans educational opportunities and scholarships to attend Carolina. 

    From idea to innovation

    concussion protocols

    The Gfeller Center is redefining concussion protocols for our country’s elite warfighters and athletes in North Carolina and beyond.

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    A Healthier North Carolina


    Going Where The Need Is Greatest

    “I know that I want to do family medicine, and I know that I want to do rural. Everything I need is up here.”


    The Enhanced Baby Bundle

    “This project has the potential to impact 178,000 births every year in the Carolinas.”


    A new pathway to a career in medicine

    "This work is important because a lot of times you’re the first person a patient sees..."


    Bringing Basic Dental Care To All Of North Carolina

    “It’s simply unacceptable in today’s society that people lack access to basic medical or dental care.”

    Student Support

    From Admission to Recovery

    UNC School of Nursing is taking charge to address nursing shortages in the U.S.


    Building Something Great

    “We tackle big world problems with smart people right here in North Carolina.”

      The University of the People

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