Funding Priority

Sustaining Our Capacity to Lead

The Arts and Sciences Annual Fund allows the college to respond quickly and nimbly to our highest priorities and to emerging opportunities, while fulfilling our ambitious teaching, research and public service missions. Unrestricted support enables us to remain one of the elite research universities on a global scale, differentiating Carolina as a leader in higher education and a true game-changer. Your investment in the Annual Fund is the key to helping us ensure a bright future of innovation and excellence for the College of Arts and Sciences.

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    Student Support

    A Packed College Career

    Pushing through challenges and embracing new opportunities

    Student Support

    Creating a home at Carolina

    Overcoming challenges to create a home


    Contagion through the lens of Shakespeare

    Relating COVID-19 to contagion


    The Ecologist of Infectious Diseases

    Looking at the riskiest factors of COVID-19 transmission

    Student Support

    Bridging Scholarship Gaps

    Flexible funding allows Carolina to reward and retain exceptional students.


    Public Policy to Save Lives

    “Until we come up with a vaccine … policies will determine what happens.”