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First and foremost, we must give students and faculty all the support, space and inspiration they will need through their academic career. To achieve this, we will put an emphasis on strengthening our global collections, digitizing collections to ensure that history is preserved and made widely accessible, enhance our holdings of the American South and anticipate new developing trends in faculty research.

University Libraries

    History Honored, History Heard

    The position of the African American Collections and Outreach Archivist in the Southern Historical Collection at the Wilson Special Collections Library was created as a bold commitment to ensuring the preservation of stories documenting the lives of African Americans in the South, as well as working with communities across the region to safeguard—and understand—their own histories. Chaitra Powell strengthens the special collections library in their quest to document and expand knowledge. Chaitra Powell is the African American collections and outreach archivist in the Southern Historical Collection, and a 2017 Library Journal “Mover & Shaker.” The Movers & Shakers award recognizes top “changemakers” who are transforming what it means to be a librarian.


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    UNC - Chapel Hill

    Well Informed

    The School of Information and Library Science is the first Library School in North Carolina.

    Carolina 225

    Fifty Years of Firsts at the Undergraduate Library

    When the R.B. House Undergraduate Library opened in 1968, it was the first time that Carolina undergraduates were allowed into library stacks anywhere on campus.

    Carolina 225

    I Was Here. Don’t Forget Me.

    "‘I was here; don’t forget me.’ That’s it. That’s the role of archives.”


    Rediscovering Frankenstein’s Monster

    When students showed up for the first day of English 295, many expected a typical English class.


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    "Libraries and museums work really hard to preserve that material and we want to give that a boost."

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    We create an informed, engaged and scholarly citizenry.