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Students and the Educational Experience

The New Graduate will receive hands-on-learning experience, learn to function—and lead—in team settings, and graduate digitally- and data-literate. Graduates like Destinee Grove ’17, a Morehead-Cain scholar and undergraduate researcher who studied how the frequency of head impacts in football players could affect behavior.

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Students and the Educational Experience Funding Priorities

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Student Support

Positioned To Succeed

"Genna’s hard work has positioned her to succeed; Carolina is making it happen.”


A Transformative Gift To Support Military Families

“Too often, we forget the many sacrifices made by the families of the military and we hope this program will, in some small way, say thank you to those families.”

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Owning This Place

"When I zip up the gown and put on my cap, I'm going to feel like I own this place."

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Walking Together

"I want people to know how incredible this department is..."

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The Confidence to Succeed

"It has given me the confidence about what I can be thrown into and then come out of."


Teachers ExPLORE NC 

This opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in new settings, with a supportive peer network, is a large part of what makes ExPLORE NC such a robust and helpful program.

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Fellowships: investing in academia’s future

Carolina’s graduate students are the future of academia and tomorrow’s leaders. Fellowships are crucial to bringing the brightest, most talented graduate and professional students to Chapel Hill. Hear how fellowship support is making the difference for these graduate students.

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Success: not just for one, but for all

Carolina isn’t just about individual success, it’s about success for everyone. In this video, students and faculty share their passions and challenge each of us to find ours.


Almost Like A Sorority

Before becoming the elite runner who won the 2017 New York Marathon— the first American woman to win the race in 40 years — Shalane Flanagan was a member of the Carolina track and cross country teams.